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Health Diary

Health Diary

Introduction of the program

Health Diary app is the free version of Health Note.
The app contains variety of menus including blood pressure, blood sugar, hyperlipidemia, weight, management of appointment and examination, prescription storing, menstrual cycle, risk of arteriosclerosis, and obesity metabolic syndrome.
Health Note also provides function of alarming IV treatment time by calculating remainder time of IV treatment by patient.


  • All records of blood pressure, blood sugar and weight are displayed in graphs for easy reading of the results.
  • Risk of arteriosclerosis, target of cholesterol treatment, and level of obesity metabolic syndrome are provided based on hyperlipidemia guidelines about blood pressure, blood sugar and medical history
  • Doctor’s prescription is photographed and stored for easy recording and management of appointment and examination results.
  • The function for woman allows planning and record management in accordance with menstruation cycle.
  • A function is provided for alarming precise IV treatment time to patient.